Hiking a glacier in Patagonia

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  1. Amy!! I loved your description of this trip and especially the photos — did you really take them all yourself?? They are so professional looking. Never thought I would want to visit a glacier but your review made it sound so interesting. I’ll definitely try to go some day, using your advice!! The estancias sound particularly cool! 🙂

    • Thanks, Eva!! Yes, all photos are mine. And most are with my phone because even with all my planning, I left my camera charging back in the hotel room!! Thank goodness for good photo-editing apps! Yes, it is incredibly cool and I KNOW you guys would love it, including the estancias (my horse-loving friend!) and Buenos Aires. Maybe add on some Mendoza time to appease the wine-lover, too…

  2. Hi Amy, this is awesome! Love the glacier info and the estancia recommendations. Do you think there is any reason to do the 7 hour glacier trek over the 2 hour? I’m not a hard core hiker or outdoorsy person. Great photos too!

    • Thanks, Jen!! I hope you do get there, and December would be a great time… early summer! Friends of ours recommended the Big Ice — 6-7 hours of trekking, though I think you are only on the ice for about 4. We couldn’t do it because the boys aren’t old enough. When they are old enough, we will be too old (for the tour company’s regulations!) I think you should try the Big Ice… why not?! I think you will be happy either way, but I think you get further into the glacier. Our trek seemed to go by very quickly, and I honestly didn’t even feel like I had worked out because the group constantly stops to look at things, etc.

      By the way, if you did stay at Estancia Cristina, I think you are in a position to see the glacier we saw (Perito Moreno) PLUS another large one — Upsala. It really looks amazing and I wish I had known more about it. Though staying in El Calafate is also fun — there is an energy to it, and you are surrounded by so many other travellers — and not the type one sees at Disney or on a cruise.

  3. Loving every minute of this! I am living (for the moment) through you and your travels. Continue sharing this beautiful journey Amy. You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you, my dear… I can’t tell you how much this means coming from a talent such as yourself. Thank you!!!! We need to meet again — want to get your opinion on a new camera!


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