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  1. Jamie and Amy – I am disappointed that it’s taken me so long to come across this blog, but I perused through a few pictures and stories and found myself smiling widely. Your happiness is clear, and contagious. I followed a link on Holly’s blog tonight!

    You guys seem to have cracked the code on travel and on a good, quality family life. Chalk it up to another thing I admire and hope to emulate – when my kids are able to shed diapers and my wife and I are theoretically able to stay up past 9p… simultaneously. Congrats on all your successes, both of you!

    • Thanks so much for all the kind words, Hunter!!! You guys will be jetting around with the kiddos sooner than you think. I will say this… it’s been a wild ride and worth all the hassles associated with family travel. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you guys one day.

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