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  1. Amazing , “Mr. Sweet Amy Watt”. I can only live by others travels. We’ve never been past Iowa, E; Az, S; Utah, N; S Dakota, N. I’ve led a simple life teaching Christian kids and taking care of little ones to lead to Jesus. THANK YOU for sharing the magnificence of the world in your travels. You are amazing. Only know you through your beautiful girl whom I knew as a girl. God Bless you with safety, grace mercy, wisdom and a mind like JESUS. Keep being a blessing, Jamie Baker. Love to meet you! Love that beautuful lady and your family. Best of everything to you, brave one. Judy Young

  2. An amazing Story and wow……cant imagine it going to North Korea……..huh! must be big heart and very brave person to see that Country……..especially American……coz we knew North Korean Feel about America………..once again Amazing and Proud to Mr.jamie and Team………..greetings from Bali…adhi

    • Thank you, Adhi! It was scary. For everyone! Hope to see you in Bali 2017!! And hope all is good with you dear friend with a big heart. ❤️

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