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    • We often stay in Starwood hotels so my husbands status frequently allows for upgrades. But when not, yes I sometimes do. it could mean spending a bit more for a suite but at a considerable discount from the published price.

    • Thank you!! I like the logo too. I got it from Taylor Brands. I hope you do get to Singapore. It’s so easy to add on with another destination.

  1. Great lists for Singapore stay Amy!! We also suggest Pan Pacific Hotel at the Marina Square. The breakfast there is a feast for all the food lovers 🙂

  2. Hello Amy, thank for your hotel list of Singapore. It made me search back wich hotel I was staying during my Singapore visit in 2009. I found, it was Swissotel, The Stamford hotel. I like to review hotels where I have been staying and read the reviews of others also. I can agree that Singapore is clean, maybe even a bit too much 🙂

    • Thanks, Anita! How was your hotel? I think my first visit I found Singapore a bit too clean for my taste, too, but 2nd time around I appreciated it more for what it does offer — great food, lots of family activities, bit of luxury, and the variety of cultures found in the many ethnic neighborhoods.

  3. Wow, a lot of hotel tips! 😃 Singapore is still high on my travel list and I definitely want to go there someday. I prefer the nicer hotels so thisis very helpful!

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